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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How do I make money and where does it come from?

I almost forgot to post this blog! It really has been a busy past couple of weeks!

So, how EXACTLY do I make any money and where am I making it?

Good Questions!

Reality-Networkers Awesome group networking site that offers a 5x6 matrix as well as huge networking rewards. The goal of RN is to achieve Level 4. At Level 4 you can take your entire downline with you to the businesses you're trying to promote. It's a very effective way to gain referrals and trust at the same time. These people are like family! This was my first online business involvement ever and I'm still receiving money.

Global NPN Awesome, awesome site that offers the BEST marketing tips, advertising features and monthly residual income on the net. I LOVE NPN! 

F5M Club One of the best business I've ever gotten involved with! F5M has been around for over 17 years and has been paying daily since. It's only a $5 sign up to begin and their prospecting and automated systems are great. It's a very good beginners business!

I also belong to several traffic exchanges. I don't make a lot of money with these but they do occasionally buy a nice pair of shoes or handbag once every 2 months.

So, how much have I made? Over the course of a few years, I've made more than $50K but less than $75K. I think my average 'salary' is around $30-40K a year. 

It's been enough for me to quit my day job. :)

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