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Friday, August 26, 2011

32 Referrals in 1 day! Go team go!

Just a short little diddy... I'd like to congratulate my team on a job well done. 32 sign ups in 1 day!

How did we do it?

I think our overall approach is the best. We make sure our prospects know exactly what our program is and the ins and outs before they make a commitment. You see, when you decide you want to make your online income a reality, you really have to understand what you're offering to others and how it benefits them.

Are you going to buy something from me just because I tell you it's the newest, most awesome thing ever? (I certainly hope not!)

So many times we've gained new team members simply because their previous sponsors weren't communicating and they were left wallowing through a big mess after spending tons of money. They were sold on the sales pitch but knew nothing about the product and how it benefited them.

It really saddens me that so many get burned simply because others make a quick buck. Work together and we all can achieve more. There's much more harmony. Way to go team!!

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